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Candy Dispenser, 3-Gallon Gravity-Fed

candy dispenser
  • Polycarbonate container is much stronger than acrylic.
  • Clear coloring with green accents blend in with most eating environments.
  • 5.25"w x 18"h x 12"d dimensions accommodating 3 gallons of food stuffs.
  • Handle has a pin to adjust the dispensing speed.

Gravity Candy Dispenser - This candy dispenser is great as a bin display, food display, bulk food dispenser, coffee bean dispenser, or any food gravity dispenser. Made of polycarbonate, these bins are 35 TIMES stronger than acrylic and can easily hold up to 20 lbs. Tight fitting lid locks in freshness and seals out unwanted bugs and germs. Seamless rounded corners eliminate food traps and allows food to flow freely. Our no-spill spout and self-closing, spring-loaded handle reduce spillage and makes pouring easy for customers. Light resistant polycarbonate filters out harmful UV rays, keeping your food fresh and reducing oxidation of food oils. Stain resistant! It will not yellow, chip, crack, or craze like acrylic. Dimensions are 5.25" wide x 18" tall x 12" deep. Gravity display bins are also easy to disassemble and clean and the one piece container is dishwasher safe. Display bins also come with a deluxe, glare-free 6"x4" sign holder, great for labels, titles, directions, and advertisements. For optimimum performance check out our gravity bin locking strips which use advanced 3M adhesive to securely anchor gravity bins to stands and countertops (Sold seperately).

This dispenser holds 18 lbs. of dry produce.

See how easy it is to make a countertop display!

Product Specifications & Dimensions.

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Candy Dispenser, 3-Gallon Gravity-Fed
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